SKORPI clothing is designed for the modern woman who stands out through her own individual style. She does not follow passing fashion trends, but makes her own choices. With an eye for detail and quality.

The SKORPI collection is based on the use of 100% natural materials, high-quality fabrics and top fashion-accessory-detailing. This guarantees a perfect fit for all our items and ensures careful finishing.

The SKORPI designers are inspired by nature. This does not mean that their colour palette is limited to earth tones; their bold attitude is reflected in their choice of extraordinary and exciting colour combinations. The beautiful colour range of the Scandinavian scenery is often a source of inspiration.

Exclusivity, quality, durability, nature, detail and colour form the core values of our passionate team of professionals and designers.

Our collections consists of:

• Hand-woven cotton coats,
• silk coats,
• linen coats,
• reversible waterproof raincoats,
• double face wool coats,
• multi-wool coats,
• walking coats,
• walking vests,
• wool vests,
• hand-woven cotton vests,
• walking skirts,
• linen skirts,
• linen trousers,
• linen blouses.

You will find a brief overview of our collection in our Photo Gallery.

Next to the SKORPI clothing range, KE-PRO B.V. also designs and develops hand-made children’s toys in the form of animal figures. The materials used are 100% hand-woven cotton fabrics filled with kapok.